Jos van der Kooy

Jos van der Kooy

His views on performing

Jos van der Kooy regards his concerts as encounters with listeners which includes a dialogue about the impact of music. He prefers to provide explanations prior to a concert, with information about the music, the composer, as well as cultural and historical contexts.

Jos van der Kooy: "I enjoy performing for an audience. Is it a priviledge to involve listeners in the music that moves and inspires me and that creates new insights."


Topicality of the past

Jos van der Kooy's concert diary is characterised by a large and diverse repertoire. He does not play music from previous centuries on the basis of nostalgic considerations, but because he is convinced that music has a topical relevance. Contrasts between past and present vanish. This creates a feeling which was described by historian Johan Huizinga as 'historical sensation'.


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